Friday, January 25, 2013

Favorite Photo Friday

This has been a CRAZY week. Around here we've been busy busy! We are finally getting in the swing of things but we've procrastinated just enough that we'll spend our weekend studying...FUN! (insert sarcasm here...) Devin is going to school full time and working full time so he has a lot on his plate. I am taking 18 credits and in the process of getting a part time job, so my schedule is pretty booked to! 

Thankfully we took sometime this week to relax and regain our sanity :)
Wednesday Devin and I went to Sammy's and stuffed ourselves with delicious burgers and pie shakes!! If you live in Utah County you need to check it out. They literally put an entire piece of pie in the shake. It's heaven in a cup.
 Thursday night Chloe came over and we had some much needed girl talk! I love that we are so open and can talk about anything.  Plus she brought me these sweet mugs from Israel. I love the color!
This morning/when we finally got ready today (at 12:30...) We went out for brunch and I got my hands on the sweet hot chocolate I've been craving. 

This week I also have been working on my new blog A Classy Coupon. I'm still trying to get everything running but I would love it if you'd head over there and follow. I will be posting my favorite freebies and deals there! 

XOXO, Kinzie

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

6 Pairs of Sandals for $21 Shipped!!

It's been so long since I've written a blog post that it took me a minute to remember how to upload a picture! I'm sorry for my absence but I had a few other priorities to attend to. Recently a few people have pointed out that I am really good at finding deals and I've really learned how to stretch a dollar. I realize that a lot of those that follow my blog are young married college students. Therefore, I thought it could be beneficial to post about some of the deals I find so I can hook you up too! 
Yesterday I got home from a meeting and checked my email and saw a deal I could not pass up. There is a website that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE! It's called Totsy. It offers tons of amazing products at dramatically reduced prices (like 50-90% off). They have tons of deals on baby items, but since I'm not a momma yet I love the shoes and home decor!
For FREE shipping on your first order use this link HERE. The free shipping is valid when you make your purchase within your first 30 days of signing up.
I would highly recommend signing up for totsy. They will email you daily with their best deals. I've made multiple purchases from them and have been happy with the products! So don't forget to sign up here!

xoxo Kinzie