Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Change of Plans...

Initially, I thought this blog would be about cooking (by initially I mean last week...oh being so indecisive.) but, I realized there are other cool things that are happening in my life so I should make it an all inclusive type blog. Anyways last week we definitely had a change of plans. Unfortunately, Devin's Grandpa Pete passed away. Immediately we all came together as a family and made plans to attend this funeral is Arizona. I was never priviledged to meet Grandpa Pete, but from all the stories I heard last weekend he sounded like an amazing man. We made the best of the trip and spent some enjoyable time with Devin's relatives. It was my first trip to Arizona and my is it hot there! I guess I've been spoiled with the cooler Utah weather! In the end we made it home after about 30 hours of driving...I sat next to Devin the whole time and I'm not even sick of him yet! That must be love :)

P.S. I just found a super cute printable on pinterest...plus I found a deal for a free 8x10 today only at Rite-aid. Oh how I love free things. I'll post the link when I get home :)

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