Saturday, June 30, 2012

Shoes, lets get some shoes.

Getting shoes is not as easy as Liam Sullivan's 2007 hit made it sound. This week I have been on a hunt for the perfect black sandals. I wanted something casual and not too flashy. Who knew this would be such a difficult task. I tried two malls, target, and online and I was coming up dry. Either they were out of stock, or expensive or just down right unattractive. I guess I was being a little bit picky, but I knew I was going to be wearing these A LOT. Do you guys have staple shoes that you just wear a ton? That is what I was looking for. I found some cute ones that happened to also be comfortable, they were black but had little gold button/ stud things on them (pretty sure that description was awful.) The only problem was I don't wear that much gold. If there were silver I would have totally bought them. Very discouraged hubs and I returned home. Here is the good part though...Today I came home from a long day of work and Devin said he had a surprise for me. He opened the door to the bed room and sitting on our bed were shoes that I liked...but wait something was different. The buttons weren't gold...they were silver. He had painted each individual button so I could have the shoes I wanted. I was completely  blown away by how sweet he had been. Don't you just love it when your hubby does EXACTLY the right thing?


  1. Those are cute! And how sweet of your hubby! :) He's a keeper.

    1. He Definitely is!! When are you due?

    2. September 20th. Feels like forever away!

  2. That is too sweet of him! So thoughtful! Simple, comfortable, and cute black sandals that will go with anything are hard to find! I had one pair that I've had for about two years, not looking forward to when they need to be replaced!

  3. omigosh! could your hubby be any cuter? that's like the nicest thing ever! happy 4 month anniversary, btw. my husband and i just celebrated our 5 month by going out for frozen yogurt last night =)

    just found your blog from we and serendipity & i love your blog! you seem so cute & down-to-earth! i will definetly be following along..

    fly far