Monday, July 2, 2012

Rolo Cookies

Last night Devin and I were in charge of bringing a dessert to family dinner. So what is the first things I did? Hopped on to my pinterest treats board of course. I found this super easy mucho delicious cookie recipe and got into a baking mood. When I say these are super easy I mean it. Only 4 INGREDIENTS!! The ingredients are as follows...
1 Box of Devils food cake mix
2 Eggs
1/3 Cup of Oil
And a bag of rolos

Pretty simple right?
Mix the first three, the batter/dough will get pretty tough to stir. One it is sufficiently mixed get enough dough just to cover the Rolo and place them on a cookie sheet. Bake for 7 to 8 minutes at 350 and Voila you have delicious easy cookies!

Devin had the job of unwrapping the Rolo's which in effect made us consume even more of these chocolately carmely yummies. 

No we did not yell ROLO/YOLO...come on, that would just be silly ;)

Another priceless face of Devin as he "sneaks" a Rolo.

Can you tell which ones I rolled?? In the end it really doesn't matter just FYI.

Let them sit for a couple minutes. I know it is tough but worth it. When you bite in the caramel is so warm and gooey! Yum!!

In the end it made about three dozen cookies. We ended up having a game night at our house last night too. So it fed 8 at the dinner and 6 at game night and we still had a few left over. I might go eat one for breakfast...Don't tell!

xoxo Kinzie
 P.S. this is the original recipe I used. They have a super cute blog so check them out Six Sisters' Stuff.


  1. yum!! I think i will just try and stay away from this recipe.. I'm afraid I will just eat all of the cookies myself!!

  2. Thanks for sharing! I think I might even have a box of devil's food cake mix hiding in my pantry somewhere....:)

    1. Girl eat them while you're prego and have an excuse. There are so good. I ate like 6 the first day...Not such a good a idea. They are super tasty though. PS i absolutely love your blog, you are so smart!

  3. Those look de-lish. I'm going to have to try those babies out! Shpanks.

    we & serendipity

    1. Oh. And I just got your special lil comment. I would be happy to help you with anything on your blog. I'm not the greatest..but I can do what I can.

      E-mail me at

      Your blog is cute by the way. I don't think you need to do too much, silly pants!