Friday, July 6, 2012

Four Months and I Still Like Him

Today is our four month anniversary and the title says it all, except it's more than like, I really love him. Devin is such a sweetheart and treats me like a queen. In our four months of marriage he has done so many cute surprises and made me the happiest girl. I keep waiting for the excitement to wear off, but waking up next to him every morning is the wonderful! I know that we made the right choice and that we'll always be together. Tonight to celebrate our anniversary of matrimony we are headed out for a yummy dinner and a surprise date. Woohoo! I love you Devin Bean!

xoxo Kinzie

P.S. My glue gun is supposed to be here today, so expect some crafty posts soon! Ahhhh as I type the doorbell just rang. It must be my glue gun!


  1. Awwwwwww! Happy four months! :) The time flies, doesn't it?

  2. Happy four months lovely! And in reply to your comment on my blog, I would love to, just email me! New follower, of course! :D

  3. Happy 4 months. This is exciting. And enjoy dinner tonight. That is seriously one of my most favorite things to do....go on a date & go to dinner. Have a great night, Kinzie! Stoked for your email back too......twin?

    Amanda at we & serendipity

  4. :) happy 4 months!


  5. Congrats on four months! I have my six month anniversary next week :) Married life is the best. Beautiful pictures!

  6. Oh! And I nominated you for a blog award(: