Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Marriage Advice

Good morning! Today some of my marriage advice is featured over on "Love the Grows." It would make me smile if you went and checked it out. Bethany is the writer of the blog and she is flipping cute. So go say hi!! xoxo Kinzie


  1. I got your back on that birth control problem! Take it from the girl who isn't doing ANYTHING. Wahheee!!

    I loved your post, girl! And agree with ALL of the advice.

  2. I loved your post- and am your newest follower. I love reading about couples who actually take marriage seriously and really do seek to love the person in the best way they know how :)


    1. Yay for new followers :) I love reading those type of blogs too! Marriage is a wonderful thing if you take it seriously!

  3. Love your insight. keep up the good work. I will share this with my followers.
    Chrissie k.

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