Monday, July 9, 2012

I caught the crafty bug...

Good Morning Beauties!! Today I start at my new job and I'm super nervous about it. This week is just training but it's still nerve wracking! Anywho as I posted on Friday I got my knew glue gun!! Booyah.
I think I will call her Edna. Isn't she a beauty??

All weekend I've had the crafty bug and have been attempting everything a glue gun can do. I've started who knows how many projects, and made what seems like a million trips to Michaels and Hobby Lobby. 

Devin and I have been moved into our condo for about three months now and what have we been lacking?? A wreath. Our door was quite boring and I needed to add some color. I picked up some silk sun flowers and a grapevine wreath from hobby lobby and I was off. I wanted to keep it is the finished product :) I was quite happy with it. 

I also joined in on the making super adorable flowers for your hair train. It took me a few tries but I think this one turned out quite nicely...thankfully hubs was there and took some pictures of the flower in my luscious locks (just kidding, my hair actually looks pretty dead after a long day.) 

I made some cute magnets too but I couldn't get them in the right lighting. I'll have to try again tomorrow. I feel a tutorial coming on for all of these projects. Is anyone interested?? Love you all!

xoxo Kinzie


  1. Awwwww! So cute! I love how bright and summery your wreath is. PS, have you looked at the blog A Girl and a Glue Gun? If you haven't, I think you would like it. It would give you tons to do with your shiny new glue gun!

    1. I'll go check it out right now!! Woohoo for crafts :)

  2. Tutorial please! I love hot glue guns, I feel like they just give me so much power! LOL, good luck on your new job, my husband starts his new job today too!

  3. whhoo whoo whoo! YAY YOU! yay for the gluegun! the hair clip is super duper cute! yeow... i wanna see some magnets! BAM! :)



  4. LOVE this. You are so crafty and cute and lovely. That wreath turned out SO cute.

    Amanda at